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Healthy Boost Inc. Launches Live Shopper Program – Shoppers Pick Groceries with Real-Time Interaction Via Video Conference

Healthy Boost Inc. (https://healthyboost.life/personal-shoppers/) recently launched its Live Shopper program to help stay-at-home health-food customers. With live video chats, a customer can interact with personalized shoppers, while actually seeing the groceries that are being handpicked, purchased and delivered right to the customer’s door. Healthy Boost will also connect customers with a certified Nutritionist and/or Herbalist upon request, to discuss health and nutrition-based topics related to individual shoppers’ needs. Healthy Boost is an authority on healthy foods and supplements, maintaining a thriving Juice Bar Kiosk business among other expanding services.

Healthy Boost: “See Your Groceries; Speak to Your Shopper; Get Your Delivery”

The Live Shopper program virtually connects customers with Healthy Boost shoppers, allowing those customers to shop in real-time, while staying safe and comfortable at home. Customers actually schedule specific shopping dates, then follow their shopper around chosen stores via video conferencing. Customers can pay for the groceries in two ways:

  1. Debit/Credit Card: The charge includes the grocery balance, plus the Healthy Boost service charge, which is paid before the shopper reaches the checkout line. Shoppers will not be able to checkout without payment. The total itemized receipt is available for customer review.

  2. SNAP Benefits Card: Those paying via SNAP Benefits offer payment when the groceries are delivered. The delivery person will allow customers to swipe their card at the door, though the Healthy Boost service charge must be paid via debit/credit card or cash. Healthy Boost cannot receive service payments through a SNAP Benefits card.